Familias Unidas en Acción was founded in 2018 with the vision of providing immigrant families in the greater New Orleans area and Louisiana with the resources needed to thrive in a new community without forgetting their own culture and history.

We are the only community organization in New Orleans and Louisiana primarily focused on providing shelter and transitional support to recently arrived immigrant families.

Our membership is made up of impacted immigrant families who believe that our families and children deserve equal opportunities, respect as human beings, access to their histories and culture, and to be acknowledged as productive members of society.

Familias Unidas en Acción se fundó en 2018 con la visión de brindar a las familias inmigrantes en el área metropolitana de Nueva Orleans y Louisiana los recursos necesarios para prosperar en una nueva comunidad sin olvidar su propia cultura e historia.

​Somos la única organización comunitaria en Nueva Orleans y Luisiana enfocada principalmente en brindar refugio y apoyo de transición a las familias inmigrantes recién llegadas.

Nuestra membresía está formada por familias inmigrantes impactadas que creen que nuestras familias e hijos merecen las mismas oportunidades, respeto como seres humanos, acceso a sus historias y cultura, y ser reconocidos como miembros productivos de la sociedad.

Support Us/Apoyanos

​Familias Unidas en Acción, Bancha Lenguas Language Justice Collective, and Cooperation New Orleans have been collectively building the cooperative ecosystem in New Orleans since the summer of 2019. Since early March, we have expanded our solidarity efforts to support Familias Unidas en Accion, a New Orleans- based group of immigrant families, during the Covid-19 pandemic. We need your help to support families, especially those with young children, who are in need of food and economic aid. Most people in New Orleans have lost their jobs due to Covid-19; this crisis is hitting our immigrant community particularly hard. In addition, undocumented and very low-income people will not be eligible for the funds provided by the federal government relief package.